A Quarterly Journal of Historical Studies of Islam- Editorial Board

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Published by: Reserch Center of Islamic History
Executive Director: H. Khamenei
Editor-in-Chief: M.Mohaghegh
Scientific Adviser: J.Kianfar
Akbari, M. A, Professor of Iranian History, Shahid Beheshti University
Bazoon,E. Professor of Islamic History, Beirut University
Ejtehadi,A. Professor of Islamic History, Al-Zahra University
Emami khoei, M. Associate Professor of History, Azad University
Hasani, A.A, Associate Professor of History, Shahid Beheshti University
Khezri,A.R,  Professor of Islamic History, Tehran University
Moftakhari, H, Professor of Iran History, kharazmi University      
Mohaghegh, M. Professor of Sciences History, Tehran University  
Mujtabaei, F. Professor of Religion History, Tehran University
Rahnamaei,M.T, Associate Professor Geographi, Tehran University
Mosavi, j, Associate Professor of Islamic History and Civilization, Tehran University
Yousefifar, SH, Professor of Iranian History, Tehran University
THE Editorial Board of the Journal of Historical Studies of Islam, honors the memory and names of its deceased members.
The Late:
Dr. Sadegh Ayinehvand, Dr. Ehsan Eshraghi, Dr.Mohammad Hasan Ganji and Dr. Hossein  Gharachanloo
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